Your Journey To Railroading's Golden Age Begins Here...

Aboard Walthers Classic HO Scale Heavyweight Cars

All affordably priced

Plush velvet seats, crisp white linen, superb food served on fine china, friendly service, fast schedules... the golden age of train travel lives once more aboard Walthers all-new HO Scale Heavyweight Passenger Cars featuring: . Fully Assembled Models­

Ready for Service

. Scale Dimensions & Rivet Detail

. Factory-Installed Side Door Hand Rails-Additional Modeler-Installed

Hand Rails Included

. Complete End, Roof & Underbody Detail . Scale Set-Back Windows

. Full Interiors with Parts in Different


. Working Diaphragms

. 14 Popular Roadnames & Undecorated


. Car Name & Number Decals

. Working Diaphragms

. Correct Trucks with RP-25 Metal Wheels . Factory-Installed Electrical Pickups

. Snap-In Interior Lighting Kits Available


. Removable Roof with Air Conditioning

Ducts* . Working McHenry'- Knuckle Couplers . Swinging Drawbars to Improve

Performance on Curves

Available painted and lettered for: Pullman (except for coach and diner), ATSF, CB&Q, PRR, UP (Two­Tone Gray), CNW, NYC, UP (Armor Yellow), SP, B&O, DRGW, MILW, GN and Undecorated; Coach and Diner are also available in Pullman Green with no lettering.

'Pullman-Built Paired-Window Coaches feature removable standard clerestory roof.

Delivery dates shown were accurate at press time: for current delivery information, please see Early preproduction models shown, details will vary. @2004 Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.